Xpat Media offers several services to help you to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your online content marketing efforts.


Do you feel like your blogging or social media efforts are underperforming, but can’t figure out why?

We will ask you to fill out a small questionnaire and have a short interview with one of our consultants to learn about your strategies, goals, and concerns. We will then perform a comprehensive audit of your social media or blogging efforts that will outline its strengths and weaknesses and provide actionable recommendations for improvement.

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Developing blogging, social media, and other online marketing strategies for the first time can be overwhelming. Our consultants will save you time and help you to set up an efficient online marketing effort with goals, benchmarks, and measurable results.

Contact us for a free consultation to learn more about how we can help you build a successful integrated online marketing strategy.

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Travel blogging and social media marketing practices are constantly evolving and changing. Few people invest the time necessary to follow industry changes from one minute to the next.

But we do.

Our industry-leading trainers will teach you and your staff current best practices using one of our in-house seminars or audit your online marketing effort and create a customized seminar tailored specifically to your needs.

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Influencer marketing is talked about a lot, but few people truly understand it.

Our consultants have worked on successful influencer campaigns both as influencers and organizers, giving them unique insight into the mechanics of influencer marketing. We’ll provide guidance as you plan and execute your campaign to help you ensure success and avoid the most common mistakes.

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As veteran travel bloggers, we have a deep understanding of outreach etiquette and best practices.

Having belonged to the travel blogging community for many years, our consultants  know who to work with, who to avoid, and who can reach your target demographic. If you want a campaign that hits your target and runs smoothly from beginning to end, we can help you identify and hire the right bloggers for it.

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