Life of Taiwan Tours


The Client

Life of Taiwan Tours, a small luxury bespoke tour operator in Taiwan catering to affluent English-speaking travellers.

The Challenge

To find a fast and efficient way to increase inquiries and sales from existing organic search and PPC traffic without increasing the advertising budget.

The Solution

After reviewing the client’s website we determined that the easiest and fastest way to increase sales would be to better tailor the product offerings to the main keywords and then create a unique conversion-optimized landing page for each individual keyword/phrase.

Steps Taken

  1. New tour packages were designed for each of the four main keywords/phrases by the client
  2. One SEO and inquiry-focussed landing page was designed for each new product
  3. Existing PPC advertising was redirected so that visitors for each individual keyword/phrase was sent to the appropriate landing page

The Result

An estimated 2X increase in telephone inquiries and sales.

Client Feedback

New website formula is working a treat. Enquiries have doubled I would say. Google relevance rating has also gone up so cost of advertising will come down as well.

Mark Pemberton | Life of Taiwan Tours