FlightNetwork.com | Let’s Roll


The Client

FlightNetwork.com, Canada’s 2nd largest online travel agency.

The Challenge

To redesign and rebrand the client’s existing travel blog and work with Canadian travel bloggers to increase traffic to the website.

The Solution

A new blog was built from scratch and optimized for easy use and social sharing. Several high profile Canadian travel bloggers were hired to contribute regularly to the blog and promote it to their social media audiences. Key content strategies were created and promoted to FligthNetwork’s existing email subscriber database.

Steps Taken

  1. A new Wordpress blog was built on a server separate from the main website to ensure security.
  2. The blog was renamed “Let’s Roll” and optimized for easy submissions by contributors and social sharing.
  3. An editorial strategy appealing to FlightNetwork’s core customer base was developed.
  4. An editorial calendar was created and prominent Canadian travel bloggers were hired to create content for the blog and promote that content to their respective social media audiences.
  5. Crowdsourced group blog posts were organized to engage other non-contributing bloggers and gain exposure to their online followings.
  6. Key content was created for, and promoted to, FlightNetwork’s existing email subscribers.

The Result

A new, secure, optimized blog and a 1000% traffic increase in 8 months.

Client Feedback

Thank you Matt…You have a bright future.

Neil Bhapkar | CMO FlightNetwork.com